Nova Jail Management System (JMS)

The Spillman Nova Jail Management System (JMS) gives smaller agencies the jail management software needed to operate efficiently while ensuring the safety of inmates and staff. From quickly booking inmates to monitoring inmate locations and managing commissary inventory, Nova helps meet jail management needs with an intuitive, all-in-one corrections platform. All corrections records are securely stored by Spillman and can be accessed in real time on any device with a web browser and internet connection.

For information about our on-premises JMS software for larger agencies, Spillman Flex, click here.

Fully Integrated System

Seamless integration with Nova’s CAD and RMS features allows corrections personnel to utilize data previously collected by dispatch and law enforcement personnel. This integration enables users to streamline their workflow process without re-entering information into a separate corrections software platform, making report creation simple and efficient. Law officers can also use the Jail screens to access and prepare information needed for hearings.

Intuitive User Interface

Nova’s Jail Management software provides corrections personnel with a fully integrated and searchable database that uses a clean and intuitive user interface. The step-by-step layout streamlines and standardizes the processes of booking and tracking inmates for all users and helps ensure the capture of complete and accurate information.


The Nova Jail feature allows users to fill out detailed records for each inmate in a simple,  organized environment.

Inmate-Level Data Entry

The Nova jail management software organizes data at the inmate level, which allows users to log and manage information such as inmate location, medication distribution, meals, and other incidents efficiently. Grouping features also speed up the data entry process by allowing personnel to complete batch actions on multiple inmates at once.

Billing Management Capabilities

The software’s integrated billing options provide jails with the detailed data needed to create accurate invoices. Corrections personnel can access an overview for the entire jail, which displays summary information such as the number of days inmates were housed for each agency. Users can also view records on each individual inmate to see booking and release dates. Nova’s tabs and intuitive design aid users in keeping jail finances in order.


Corrections personnel can use Nova jail management to view housing information needed for invoices.


The web-based nature of the jail management software provides users with data mobility. An agency only needs internet access and a web browser to operate the application. Data can also be entered and accessed on web-enabled mobile devices throughout the facility.

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