Nova Records Management System (RMS)

Spillman Nova gives smaller agencies an all-in-one, online records management system to track and manage data by creating name, vehicle, property, incident, offense, and arrest records. Additionally, agencies can use the Nova RMS cloud software to generate UCR and IBR reports, which streamlines the reporting process for agency personnel. Agencies can also use Nova’s online RMS to identify relationships between data and attach files to any record, including images, audio files, video files, PDFs, and Microsoft Word and Excel files.

For information about our on-premises RMS software for larger agencies, Spillman Flex, click here.

One Centralized Database

Nova’s online RMS enables personnel to make better use of the information they collect by storing all agency data in one centralized database. Master files such as name, vehicle, and premises records can be easily connected to one another and to incident-based records such as citations or traffic calls. All agency data can be easily searched using keywords, allowing users to quickly locate needed information. Agency administrators can also use Nova to manage which users and groups are able to view, edit, and add new records.


The intuitive user interface enables agency personnel to efficiently add new records or edit existing records.

Vendor-Maintained Software

Because the Nova RMS is cloud-based, Spillman securely stores and maintains the physical servers that house agency data. Agency personnel then access their records by logging in to the software using an internet browser. Spillman also maintains and updates the user interface itself and provides technical support to customers. This method provides agencies with state-of-the-art technology while eliminating the need to maintain physical databases or keep in-house IT personnel.

Mobile Access

The web-based nature of Nova means that personnel can access the entire software package anywhere and at any time, using any device with an internet connection. This feature allows field officers to both enter and access data while away from the office, which eliminates unnecessary trips back to the office and allows personnel to spend more time in the community. Field personnel are able to file reports while the details of the incidents are still fresh in their minds, resulting in higher quality data.

Accurate Data Capture and Reporting

Agency personnel can be sure to collect complete and accurate data using Nova’s Incidents page, which includes numerous required and optional fields. Certain field requirements can be customized by agency administrators, so that every record contains all of the data necessary to meet the needs of each community. Nova’s dynamic incident report feature allows personnel and administrators to run a variety of reports and easily summarize the data in their system. That information can then be used to identify trends within the agency’s jurisdiction.


The Nova online RMS platform allows personnel to quickly view record information such as name, date of birth, driver license number, and any alerts on the record.
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