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Sheriff Command Staff Software

For more information about how Spillman’s sheriff software makes your job as command staff easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.

Key Benefits:

Informed Decision-making

Use Spillman to make better decisions, monitor trends, and view changes in crime rates. The CompStat Dashboard module allows you to view crime data in an easy-to-analyze format, enabling you to spot trends without running multiple reports. Spillman uses real-time data to give you access to the most accurate statistics possible. You can use Spillman’s Pin Mapping module to visualize trends and identify methods for reducing crime by plotting incidents on a pin map. The module also allows you to see spatial relationships between incidents and suspects and easily access Spillman records for additional information about any point on a map. Spillman’s mapping features, including the AVL Mapping and CAD Mapping modules, allow you to see in real time where units are located and what incidents are occurring in your jurisdiction.

Quality of Life

Pinpoint problem areas and examine the rate of events that impair quality of life in your community. Graphs within Spillman’s CompStat Dashboard module enable you to quickly see whether quality of life factors, such as gang problems, graffiti, and animal attacks, have increased or decreased over a designated time period. You can access detailed information about the date, time, and location of each quality of life crime.

Return on Investment

With regular upgrades at no additional cost, your agency will see a continual return on its investment. As a Spillman customer, you will receive upgrades every 12 to 18 months on average.  Spillman invests millions of dollars each year in research and design, and 80 percent of product enhancements are a result of customer requests. Additionally, Spillman follows a distinctive site license pricing model, contributing significantly to the long-term savings and value of the Spillman system.

Managing Resources

Use Spillman to better manage your agency’s resources and improve job satisfaction and retention. With Spillman’s Personnel Management module, you can track employees’ unique skills, language fluency, certifications, and explosives expertise. This allows you to identify unmet needs within your agency, recruit or train employees as needed, and ensure that existing employees remain current with training and certification requirements. The Employee Workload screen allows you to monitor the workload of each employee. In addition, Spillman’s reliable, stabile system provides your employees with peace of mind.

Quick Reporting

Gathering data and running reports is simplified with Spillman. Spillman provides you with preformatted reports on jail capacity, visitation, arrests, and many more. You can also easily create your own reports from any table, export reports to Microsoft Excel®, and print or save reports.

Civil Process Tracking

Track civil processes like protective orders, property executions, wage garnishments, and civil lawsuits using Spillman’s Civil Process module. View a list of people involved, whether the process has been served, who was served, and billing charges.

Improved Efficiency

Spillman’s unique architecture is specifically designed for live data sharing, providing you with the most accurate data. The single-source database also reduces duplicate data entry and ensures that data is accurate and useable. Our fully integrated solutions are designed to provide for seamless data exchange between all divisions of your sheriff’s office, and Spillman’s unsurpassed search capabilities allow information to be accessed from virtually anywhere in the system. Spillman’s quick data access, mobile communication, and computer-aided dispatching allow you to reduce response time within your agency. With Spillman InSight, you can search and receive real-time data from agencies outside your jurisdiction – even agencies that use disparate systems.  Using Spillman’s State Link module, you can query state and national databases for information. Spillman also allows you to view calls and critical information while away from a traditional workstation or laptop computer. Using the Spillman Touch™ module, you can access records and images, search for data, and view dispatch information using from a mobile digital device.

For more information about how Spillman’s sheriff software makes your job as command staff easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.

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